Trivia / Serene Spiti

Apart from Yak butter, the interesting ingredient in the Tibetan butter tea is _______.

  1. Jaggery
  2. Sea Buckthorn
  3. Salt


The butter tea, also known by the name of "po cha" and "cha suma", is a famous Tibetan beverage that can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty during 7th century. Now, one can easily see the people of Himalayan regions, especially those with high Tibetan influence like Spiti, sipping on it.

The Tibetans drink this tea by following a few religious customs and it is a pivotal part of their daily life. This beverage symbolizes hospitality.

The preparation of this tea involves boiling of the tea leaves for almost half a day. Then, the concentrate produced by it is transferred into a cylinder containing salt and freshly extracted yak butter. The mixture is then well shaken and served hot in a unique churn.