Trivia / Treasures of Kerala

The extravagant feast in the picture is known as _____.

  1. Pinne kaanam
  2. Sadya
  3. Oru


Sadya, a traditional feast encompassing the length and breadth of the vegetarian cuisine, can have up to 28 dishes at a time. It is generally prepared for weddings and other special occasions like Onam and Ashtami Rohini(Lord Krishna's birthday). 108 dishes are served in Valla Sadya which is offered at the temple in Aranmula on Ashtami Rohini.

Sadya is traditionally served on a banana leaf and consists of rice, several side dishes and curries, appetisers, pickles and desserts. The leaf has to be closed once the meal is finished to indicate that you are full. Some people believe that closing the leaf towards you indicates satisfaction with the meal, and away from you indicates that you aren't satisfied.

So the next time you have Sadya, don't close it away from you unless it is a death ceremony. In case of a death ceremony, you should fold it away from you to indicate that you don't want a similar incident to happen again.