Trivia / Treasures of Kerala

_____ is also known as Heart Lake.

  1. Pookode Lake
  2. Paravur Lake
  3. Chembra Lake

Chembra Lake

Chembra Lake aka heart lake, a perfect destination to climb to with your loved ones, is located about 35 km from Wayanad. The six-hour trek starts from Meppadi is well worth the moderately difficult climb as you can see the whole Wayanad district from the top.

The trek is closed by the forest department in summers due to the risk of forest fire. Around 100 hectares of lush green meadows which were the home to wild elephants, deers and other wild animals caught fire in February 2017 due to negligence by some tourists. Now only 200 visitors per day are allowed to go to the lake.

The fire incident highlights the importance of responsible tourism, where one must leave no trace while traveling.