Trivia / Treasures of Kerala

The local coconut wine of Kerala is known as?

  1. Chhang
  2. Tongba
  3. Toddy


Toddy aka Kallu, the local coconut wine of Kerala, is produced by fermenting the sap collected from the bud of the coconut flower. Toddy is sold under the licence from the excise department and direct selling by the tree owners or tappers is not allowed. Also, toddy is exempted from the dry days of India and thus is available at the Toddy Shops throughout the year.

When the sap is collected it is not alcoholic in nature. The sap is also used to prepare Neera, the non-alcoholic form of the drink, known as sweet toddy. It has a short shelf life, and thus sometimes lime is added to it to delay the fermentation and increase its shelf life. Within a few hours, the sap starts fermenting and the fermented drink is known as toddy, and it can have 4-8% alcohol depending upon the fermentation level. It is then distilled and packaged into bottles to be sold in the toddy shops all across Kerala. Toddy is also used as a substitute for yeast while preparing dosa or appam batter.