Trivia / Unravel Ladakh

Nuns of the Drukpa lineage are not allowed to _____.

  1. practice Kung-Fu
  2. purchase assets
  3. cycle in the Himalayas

purchase assets

Kung-fu nuns are the nuns of the Drukpa lineage, a thousand-year-old Buddhist tradition that began in the Himalayas when the founder, The Gyalwang Drukpa, witnessed the miraculous flight of nine dragons into the sky. They aim to return to their true spiritual self by pursuing gender equality, physical fitness, and respect for all living beings. Kung-fu helps them build confidence, focus, strength and break the barriers of misogyny.

More than 700 nuns belong to the Drukpa lineage - the only lineage in the patriarchal Buddhist monastic system where nuns have equal status to monks. Every day at 4 AM in the Drukpa Nunnery, the silence of Ladakh is shattered by shrill haee-yas of the nuns practicing their kung fu. Between the meditation sessions that follow, they attend gender equality lessons. They also trek and cycle thousands of kilometers in the Himalayan range to spread awareness various issues like plastic waste, gender equality, green transportation and world peace.

Just like the monks and nuns of other Buddhist lineages, Kung-fu nuns aren't allowed to purchase assets like land or property.