Trivia / Uttarakhand

A nuclear device was lost at ___________ in 1965 during a joint operation by the CIA and the Indian Army.

  1. Nanda Devi
  2. Swarga Rohini
  3. Chaukhamba

Nanda Devi

A nuclear device was lost during a top-secret expedition to Nanda Devi in 1965. It was a joint operation conducted by the CIA and the Indian Army to spy on China’s nuclear capabilities after the first chinese nuclear test of 1964. Although researchers have estimated that the chances are very bleak, it can potentially contaminate Ganga and can thus result in a national exposure to radioactive radiations.

The region around Nanda Devi has been closed for general public citing environmental reasons. Only exceptions to that have been expeditions by the Indian Army or the IMF. Hollywood producer Scott Rosenfelt is making a film on this incident, and has apparently completed the script which will be directed by Greg Mclean.