Trivia / West Bengal

The Sundarbans, also renowned for being home to the Bengal tiger, is the largest _____ forest in the world.

  1. Sandalwood
  2. Pine
  3. Mangrove


Sundarbans National Park is regarded as the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is also the world's largest deltaic forest and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spread over about 1,330 square kilometres, it is the home to the majestic Royal Bengal tiger. It is also home to the most venomous reptiles in the world. Along the brackish waters, in the trails of this dense forest, spotting a royal Bengal tiger is indeed a surreal feeling for any traveller.

This marshy swamp is formed by the amalgamation of the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers. The rich flora and fauna of this enchanting tropical delta lead way to a heaven for the nature seeker. It is also a host to exotic species such as the Genwa Bejewel flowers and Red flowers of Kankara.