Trivia / West Bengal

Bhapa Ilish, the dish Bengalis swear by, consists of which variety of fish?

  1. Rohu
  2. Katla
  3. Hilsa


The Bengalis know their fish! They are known to be great connoisseurs and love their cuisine to the moon and back! The Hilsa is known for its distinctive taste and is the National Fish of neighbouring Bangladesh. It is a cultural and social commodity of the people of both Bengal and Bangladesh.

The Bhapa Ilish or steamed Hilsa is not just food for them but it's like a ritual. It smells of tradition, culture and a strong love for fish. Hilsa is also regarded as the queen of fishes in West Bengal and Bangladesh. In monsoons, the price of the Hilsa might range between 600 – 1500 INR. Bengalis love to experiment with their food and hence they also like to savour a dish of “Khichudi” along with their Hilsa. Khichudi is a combination of lentils and rice, cooked together along with a variety of herbs.