Trivia / West Bengal

The ______ sweet portrays the story of Bengali Renaissance through European influences.

  1. Lobongo Latika
  2. Pati Shapta
  3. Sandesh


Sandesh is a sweet which originates from Bengal. It is created with milk and sugar and can also have paneer in it. It is also known as Pranahara in Dhaka which translates to heart stealer.

Curdled milk was a taboo in India in ancient times and hence was considered as inauspicious. The Portuguese helped in the making of the Sandesh by spreading their love for cheese when they settled at the banks of Hooghly in the 17th century. Sandesh is traditionally made from chenna, an extract of the curdled milk.

With the growing popularity of Sandesh and the sweet shops competing with each other from neck to bottom, Sandesh now has more than 150 different varieties.