Trivia / West Bengal

_________ is a spiral railway track that helps the toy train manoeuvre the steep elevation near the Ghoom Railway Station.

  1. Demodara loop
  2. Tehachapi loop
  3. Batasia loop

Batasia loop

Batasia loop, a railway track spiralling around to form a 360-degree loop, is located around 5 km from Darjeeling. It allows you to marvel a 360 panoramic view of Darjeeling. With a scenic backdrop of the scintillating and the snow-clad Mt. Kanchenjunga, this railway track loop offers breathtaking views. Commissioned in the 1919 by the British, this engineering wonder helps the toy train manage a steep gradient.

The descent towards Darjeeling from Ghoom railway Station, which happens to be the highest railway station is around 140 feet. The toy train wouldn’t be able to manage such a steep descent and it could lead to a drastic fall. Hence, the Batasia loop was created to help the toy train manoeuvre through the sharp descent and not succumb to the drastic fall. The train moves over a large circular railway track loop which happens to be on a gentle slope thus crossing its own track through a tunnel below the starting of the track.

Batasia also stands for airy space. Whilst you sit on the hill top gazing over yonder at the mesmerizing Kanchenjunga and the clear sky, the toy train makes its way down the railway track loop thus complementing an engineering feat.